Reporting and Analytics on Your Hiring Process

With The Hiring Engine's reports and analytics, you can view the comparative success you're having with the hiring process. This data can be viewed at the organization level, or at a job specific level. For the organization-wide view, go to the the Performance tab in The Hiring Engine, which provides a high-level view of your applicant sourcing, the rigor of screening that is in place, and how successful hiring has been as a whole.

The Summary Report

The Summary report helps you understand how many applicants it typically takes for you to get each hire.  To make this simple and easy to understand, we assume you start with 100 applicants to begin with, then go through how many of those 100 would fall out of the hiring process at each stage, with the ultimate goal of figuring out how many turn into interviews and hires.  For example, in the chart above, about 44 of the 100 applicants be qualified enough to be marked as interested, and 5 of those 44 would end up getting an interview.  

One key note on this chart is that it will get a lot more accurate over time as The Hiring Engine collects more information on your hiring process.  

The Pass-Through Rates Report

The Pass through report shows you what percentage of applicants from the previous stage made it to that stage side by side with that same percentage across all of our customers.  This lets you quickly see where you can do better. As an example, in the example above, ~11% of applicants who who were marked as interested ended up with interviews scheduled (compared to about 23% for the average company). 

The Applicant Status Report

Finally, the applicant status report lets you quickly understand where all the applicants who applied in a given week are in the hiring process.  For example, in the chart above, for the applicants who applied during the week of 09/09, there were 12 applicants total, and 4 of the 12 were archived. 3 more were rejected, one is still in applied, and one individual has started.  

Data Breakdowns

Each graph can be broken down further based on the source that the applicant came from. If you want to see how successful Indeed is compared to facebook ads, you can change the source to show you. To do so, click filter in the upper right corner, and select the candidate source you want to view. 

Additionally, you can choose to include auto-screened applicants if you want a view of your entire applicant pool before and filters were put in place.

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