Text Messaging Current Employees with The Hiring Engine

In addition to texting with applicants, you can also use The Hiring Engine to text with current employees as well. 

On the left side of THE, you'll see a link to employees: 

On mobile this looks like this:

Adding your employees to The Hiring Engine

To start, you'll want to send your employee list to The Hiring Engine team so we can add the employees.  You can just email us a list of employees at support@thehiringengine.com and we'll get it added. Ideally, this list would include: 

  • first and last name
  • job or title
  • location (if you have more than one)
  • phone number
  • non-work email (if you have it)
  • start date

As applicants are marked "Hired", we'll also add them to the list.  

Text Messaging Employees

On the employee list, you can find the name of the employee you want to text, then click the View button.  Just above it, you can click the two icons to search or filter to find the employee you need:

On each employee's profile, you'll see a list of their basic information. Below that will be a separate window where you can draft and send the message. 

Additional Employee Features

Once you've added your list of employees, there are several additional pieces of functionality that will become available:

  • Automated Employee Referrals
  • Automated Text Notifications to Employees (coming soon)
  • Automated New Employee Check-ins (coming soon)

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